A proved medication for erectile dysfunction


Whether you accept it or not erectile dysfunction is a serious problem that can led you to disappointment with you partner. There are many ways present today to cure the problem including Cialis which has proven to work effectively. Well Cialis is a drug that is known to work by increase the blood flow the core part of the body where it is required. During a sexual intercourse males penis accumulates blood to result an erection. This drug helps the erection by continuing the erection that makes it last for hours. There is much more to know about the drug and to make it easier for you we have done the hard work below.

How Cialis works?

There are two types of blood vessels which are responsible for erection. One vessel takes the blood in and other contracts to restrict the blood flow back down to the body. Cialis holds this process by increasing the time of muscle contraction for hours. This ultimately results in long timed erection.

Side effects of taking the drug

Flu like symptoms – The side effects of Cialis has reported flu like symptoms according to many reviews and studies conducted.

Memory issues – There can be certain memory problem like forgetting things done, confusion, forgetting the task assigned etc. as a side effect of consumption of Cialis. Also, certain test conducted across different labs registered the cases of temporary memory loss.

Muscle or back pain – As Cialis goes into the body, it reacts with various muscle tissue which can cause back pain and pain in other parts of the body too. This is the result of excess consumption of the dose that has been observed by the users.

Headache – Headache is the problem that persist with various drugs curing erectile dysfunction. This drug comes under the same category that trigger the issue of headache as its side effect.

Vision blur and sight problem – The side effects of Cialis include the vision blur and change in colour of the vision. These medicines are not beneficial for eyesight as they react in such way that harms the vision and causes sight problems.

Conclusively saying, if there are advantage to something, there are chances that it may cause disadvantages too. But using the drug with a doctor’s prescription is a best way of utilisation of these drugs. This gives you the security of having least chances of getting any side effects.