Aging Gracefully


Are you settling into middle age as your daughter moves into her teen years? Some mothers have a difficult time watching the glow of their own “blossom” fade as their daughter blooms more every day. Although middle age (and beyond) hold its own magic, it can be hard to watch yourself age. It doesn’t help matters if your daughter is also at the age where she thinks you are suddenly the most annoying, unhip, uncool person on the planet.

I remember watching my daughter at her middle school graduation. She was full of hopes and dreams and looked more grown up than I had ever seen her before. It was the first time I acknowledged I was getting older, and she was turning into a young woman. I remember thinking, “I need to pass the baton to her.” By mentally letting go, and telling myself that she could run with the “baton,” allowed me to step more fully into my own place in the circle of life.

Watching your daughter get the attention you used to receive can be painful. The world is unkind at times to middle aged and older women. Some people say that men get sexier as they age, and women just look tired and worn out. What do you think? It’s important to understand how you feel about aging and how you deal with it effects your relationship with your teenage daughter.

Are you ready to mentally let go of the baton and hand it to your daughter? It’s her time now to step out of the shadows of being a little girl, and grow into the light of being a woman. You still have much to do to take care of her as she goes through the turbulent teen years. I hope you will also take good care of you, and march through middle age proudly.

I’ll be posting tips on aging gracefully and tips on how to deal with a topic many women are afraid to talk about, i.e. jealousy they feel about their daughters youth, beauty, body, boyfriends, etc. If you would like to join in the conversation, please Contact Me. I’ll post some of your thoughts, with your permission of course.
Check back soon.