Best played online games of 2018


Talking about online game produces a wave excitement in the mind as these game are super addictive and fun to play. These game have become a way to prove young children themselves among the crowd. This makes them feel superior from others. Online gaming is an art which can be mastered by few. Online games provides you various aspects besides just gaming. It test your IQ and strategy you adopt to play such games. Among such games, we will tell you about some of the best played online games of 2018.

Best ever played online games of the year 2018

PUBG – As we all know it we cannot stay away playing these game even once daily. These game was launched on the Windows platform few years back which was followed by its launch on mobile platform in 2018. Since it has become the most beloved games by people of various age groups. This game has managed to involve people interest by rolling out various updates and new features.

Fortnite – Fortnite comes in the same genre in which PUBG comes. This game has the same concept of PUBG but have some pretty much variations in its gameplay. It provides player with tool to build various building to protect them from the opponent.

Papa’s Pizzeria – This game was popular among girls of small age group who showed interest in cooking. The parents provided them the online platform which is a site name which provides much more games like that. In the game mentioned in the title you have to handle a pizza shop and your responsibility is to satisfy customers with your high grade service.

Call of duty – Call of duty is the game that has been played worldwide throughout years and still it is played too. This game is an arcade as well as an online shooting game which provides realistic gameplay and weapon. Most of the parts of this games are based on the time of world war. It is pretty much fun to play this game.

Summarising the above mentioned, if you are a fan of gaming and want to turn your passion into profession then you can submit your gameplay on websites of various gaming organisation which may hire you a professional gamer. This all depends on your skills, strategy and IQ of playing the game. These organisation offers a handsome amount of remuneration that becomes the reason to choose gaming as a career.