Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets


Celebrity weight loss secrets vary according to individual preference. Their exercise routines range from the very simple to the much more vigorous and regimented that were probably inspired by some skeletal fitness guru like https://www.sportzfuel.com/. To put together even a top 10 list of celebrity weight loss secrets would be an impossibility considering space constraints. Also, there is the problem of legal actions with financial consequences that are enough to make a struggling writer lose 50 pounds in a week. Now, that beats all celebrity weight loss secrets!

Anyway, let us just focus on Hollywood celebrity weight loss secrets that are… well, not that clandestine. The difference between them and us usually boils down to one thing – resources.  They have the luxury of time to spend working out and can afford to pay a nanny while they do so.  Those totally toned bodies you see at the Oscars are probably the result of their biggest secret weight loss weapon – being able to afford to hire the best personal trainers in the business and, if necessary, the services of a dietician.

Ever wonder about the celebrity weight loss secrets behind a new Hollywood Mom going from a bursting at the seams baby bump to bikini ready in no time?  Some of these stars were just naturally slim and fit to begin with but many of them state that under their doctor’s guidance they still exercised, but at a lower pace, while pregnant.  This gave them a head start and all they had to do was ease back into their regular routines after the baby was born.

One of the biggest celebrity weight loss secrets is that, above all else, there’s something that the stars possess way more of than the average person trying all kinds of weight loss secrets and that is tremendous motivation to exercise strict self control.  Why?  Think about it.  They’re kind of forced into it because they’re constantly being scrutinized by the press and are in the public eye so have a certain image to maintain.  In some cases, their livelihood depends on it.  Just a few extra pounds can make a big difference in a career when you are up against such fierce competition.

One of the celebrity weight loss secrets behind many a star’s beautiful body is a particular fitness program which is inspired by the popular fitness trainer, David Kirsch, who manages the famous Dave Kirsch Wellness Co. – a company dedicated to put clients on a “path of wellness” through a combination of physical, dietary and psychological training.  Kirsch’s coaching is very organic. Here is a concise version of one of his body-trimming routines that is at the top of the best celebrity weight loss secrets.

Comprehensive Slimming Routine

To make you slim all over, you’ll need a cardio and strength fitness exercise combo. This helps hasten weight reduction. The key is to do this routine on a regular basis for at least 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week.

Instant Tummy Tuck

If you think all celebrity weight loss secrets need fancy expensive apparatuses, then maybe you have not heard of this simple tummy-flattening secret. The only thing that you need here is a stability ball, a comfortable spot on the floor and your determination. This routine is done by lying face up on the floor while holding a stability ball. The goal is to make your arms and legs meet while the ball is positioned in between your ankles. Do this exercise three times a week in three sets of ten.

The Butt Workout

This is done by positioning your feet at least shoulder-width apart. When you are at it, bend your knees in a 90-degree position then stand and do some sumo kicks, alternating your left and right legs. Doing twenty repeats of this exercise 3 times a week can transform your body in no time.

The Basis of Most Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets

Combine the above celebrity weight loss secrets with the right diet and the determination of a gladiator preparing for a fight and you will be astonished by the results. Unlike some Hollywood methods like synthetic implements or surgical enhancements that are unworthy of mimicking, just like everyone else, most celebrity weight loss secrets are based on diet and exercise.  Sometimes we actually have the edge over the stars because we’re not faced with harsh deadlines or career threatening situations like they are. If you eat less and exercise more, there is no way you cannot attain a celebrity-worthy physique.  Just plain common sense is the basis of most celebrity weight loss secrets!


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