The Digital Landscape Of College Search

As many parents have noticed, the college search process no longer looks or operates the same way it did when they were children. Where many parents would expect physical literature, they’re met with a webpage. Or, rather than having to suffer through a few multiple hour drives or flights to different states to see campuses, their children can view them digitally. While there are more differences between then and now, the digital integration throughout this process is certainly the most jarring to parents. This process didn’t just undergo this transformation on its own, though. It required a lot of hard work and research from the institutions and their staff to recruit their students. The digital landscape of the college search process is one that will continuously change and develop over time, leaving these institutions and their recruiters left to attempt to weather the storm and stay ahead of the curve, which is much easier said than done. For more information on the ways in which educational institutions are having to adjust their recruiting efforts as a result of this digital landscape, continue reading on to the infographic supported alongside this post.

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