Being the most spoken language in the world, learning to elaborate your points and thoughts fluently in the English language can go a long way in your career. Having good communication skills is considered a minimum necessity today while applying for a job. In order to learn English speaking, there are traditional methods like tution classes and training institutes that provide guidance in these matters.

Not everyone has the time in hand to attend such offline coaching. The current age is the age of digitization and a lot of people are choosing online learning in order to get better and learn more. Interpersonal training is also something that has expanded to the online methods and nowadays there are a lot of online options available in order to learn languages better. Be it learning English to help us professionally or learning Spanish or French or any other language for personal reasons. There are a lot of options available today that can provide us training and guidance in these matters. The smartphone has become a hub of knowledge, all we need to know is the right way to use it and the right apps to choose.

Preparing and clearing exams like the IELTS requires a decent level of knowledge in English. The test is done in order to assess the communication and reasoning level of the individual pursuing a job in an English-speaking nation abroad. The tests require an intermediate level of understanding of the language and its grammar. An online app catered to help such aspirants planning to give the exam can be quite handy. ELSA speak for example is an option that many people choose while preparing. Over a thousand lessons with an AI-assisted mentoring system helps to quickly analyze and find out what’s lacking and needs improvement.

Apps such as Falou or ELSA Speak help us to carry a full-fledged training course in our pockets. They make it easy to analyze our current position and the requirements we need in order to qualify. These applications are specifically made to help with tests such as the International English Language Testing System or IELTS, TOEIC and provide exam-specific courses that guide the aspirants in a detailed and structured manner.

The features that ELSA provides includes:
•Essential conversation tips and phrases
•Help with pronunciation
•Test Proficiency of Speech
•Customized training for tests like IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL, etc

Communication is key in any situation and learning how to speak English is a key component when it comes to basic interpersonal skills. Be it as a hobby or for the purpose of a career, being bilingual is a good trait to have, and knowing the language helps put forward your thoughts accurately in both words and text. To communicate precisely and to clear tests like IELTS, an online guide on your smartphone is always a useful tool to have around.