Order Modafinil – Keep Fatigue at Bay

Modafinil is the prescription medication which has been used by people across the world to promote wakefulness. It helps one stay awake and alert and fight fatigue. For people suffering from excessive sleepiness due to Narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder or even sleep apnea, this drug has proved to be a wonder drug. It is beginning to receive attention due to the relative lack of negative side-effects as experienced with traditional stimulants. Take for instance, the study conducted by Provigil (Modafinil) manufacturer Cephalon in people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and consequent fatigue due to this condition. Participants reported feeling least fatigued while taking a lower dose of modafinil, and there was a statistically significant difference in fatigue scores for the lower dose versus placebo.

For thousands of years, people have sought a time shifting drug to improve their stamina and boost mental power. To achieve this, people have chosen fruits, roots and various other natural means. However, when looking for drugs to treat the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, attention-deficit disorder, strokes, and the dementias associated with Parkinson’s disease and schizophrenia – pharma experts have created compounds that not only help people suffering from these conditions but provide a mental boost to healthy individuals as well.

According to the article All on the mind in The Economist, Provigil, adds the ability to remember an extra digit or so to an individual’s working memory (most people can hold seven random digits in their memory, but have difficulty with eight). It is also believed to help improve people’s performance in tests of their ability to plan. What’s great is that you can now order Modafinil online and have this wonder drug delivered to your door.

With most professions requiring individuals to remain mentally alert most of the time, long hours of work and lack of sleep is not uncommon. Consider professions like the armed forces personnel, emergency and rescue workers, police, firefighters, and doctors – they are constantly faced with very long hours of making potential life and death decisions.

It is vital that they remain alert and modafinil has proved time and again that it can help fight fatigue and promote wakefullness effectively. Consider this, in a Newsnight and New Scientist magazine anonymous online questionnaire of readers, 38% said they had taken cognitive-enhancing drugs. Nearly 40% said they had chosen to order Modafinil online, and 92% said they would try it again.

According to science20, the ‘Genius Pill’ Modafinil has helped improve cognition in chemotherapy patients. An article details a study conducted on sixty-eight women, who had completed treatment for breast cancer. They participated in an eight-week clinical trial testing the effects of modafinil (Provigil). All women took the drug for the first four weeks. During the next month half of the women continued to receive the drug while the other half took an identical looking placebo pill. The women who took modafinil for all eight weeks reported major improvements in memory, concentration and learning.

The research’s presenter Sadhna Kohli, Ph.D., M.P.H., lead author of the study and a research assistant professor at the University of Rochester’s James P. Wilmot Cancer Center said,“I am very enthusiastic about the potential we’ve demonstrated?

“This is a novel drug and after completing the trial, many of the women wanted to know how they could continue to get modafinil? she adds.

Fueling the 24-hour Society

“I was able to write a 22-page paper in one day. I revised it over the next couple of days and got an A. Normally, I wouldn’t have even been able to get a rough draft done in a week.”

The need for a drug that improves memory, focus and enhances one’s mood and cognitive powers is huge in the 24-hour society we are all a part of. To top that, if you can pop a drug that has a smoother feel when compared to amphetamines and also help you stay awake for long hours, most would consider giving it a shot. That’s exactly what Modafinil does. Once the drug wears off, all you need to do is catch up on your sleep.

Not just people dealing with shift-work disorder, even students have been seeking aids that will help them study for long hours and complete assignments on time. The need for extra mental energy is high among students and most turn to coffee, tea, cola etc. However, these drinks may not really have the desired impact and you might find your body being used to it, prompting little or no response at all. Order Modafinil to enjoy the benefits of this widely used drug to promote wakefulness and remain focused for long hours.

Even the military which has for years explored new methods to safely combat sleep deprivation among army personnel has used Modafinil to double the mental capacity and alertness of a fighting force. It also helps prevent the associated degradation of performance among members of the armed forces.

There is no doubt that sleep deprivation reduces human performance capabilities and has a negative effect on reaction time and judgement. However, medication options for excessive sleepiness and sleep apnea such as Modafinil may be the way forward. With the task of order Modafinil being simplified, you can buy Modalert online. It is a prescription-only drug in the United States but you can purchase it from foreign suppliers online and have the Modafinil you order delivered to you. If you choose to buy it in the United States, you will realize that this superior alertness drug comes with a price. A month’s supply could cost you around $800. On the other hand, there are a number of cheaper, generic brands available. But it is important to choose one with the same formulation as Provigil. It is recommended that you try Modalert, a brand manufactured by Sun Pharma in India.

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The Best Natural Male Enhancement Pills You Can Take

Sex is an important part of a marital relationship. It is said that if a man cannot perform well, then he has the poor capacity to maintain a healthy relationship with his partner. This is due to the fact that most women want men who can perform satisfactorily.

Fortunately, you are no longer in danger or risk of undergoing psychiatric sessions with your partner just to bring back the passion between you two. As of now, there are already male enhancement pills that can help you. Take note that they are all natural.


This is a natural solution that is wholeheartedly promoted by Dr. Steven Lamm. According to the expert, this solution is a perfect key in order to bring back your erection quality and sexual performance. It is available in packages, which are proven to work by experts and associated clinical studies. It is powered with herbs, which are backed by more than ten years of client success stories. It is the promise of VigRX to give you erections that are harder and longer-lasting. You may also feel bigger than before with your noticeable sexual desire. Plus, you may now take control of your erections without the danger of premature ejaculation.


This is another sexual pill solution that is all natural. It will give you 100% natural support in terms of desire and libido. It is recommended for it is made up of proven herbs, which are useful in giving you longer lasting, harder, and stronger erections. It will give lasting orgasm as it also promotes the healthy blood flow in your sensitive organs. Vimax will also give you the most thrilling sensations, which will be experienced in as short as two to three months.

Male Extra

This pill is the answer if you want to get erections that are bigger and harder. It is also the promise of Male Extract to give you intense orgasms, according to https://thefreehreportonpsu.com/male-extra-review/. The proven solution will give you risk free trial of the solution for 60 days. It promises more intense erections, improved libido, more virility, and supercharged sex life. It has a unique blend of compounds, which will give you an average increase of 0.8 to 2.6 inches after regularly taking the solution for three to six months. It is a clinically-based solution that is supported by Dr. Alfred Hasselbacher from Nauka University and Research Center.


This is also a satisfaction guarantee solution that will give you superior formula in order to intensify your orgasm and increase the volume of your ejaculation. It will give massive loads and better control over your sexual encounters. It is proven by tests and clinical research. As reported, it will give you the best sex of your life. You may check out the clinical testimonials and the scientific results to ensure that your trust to Semenax will never be wasted.

The male enhancement pills mentioned are all advertised as natural pills. They are names that have always been trusted. It is your choice which one will give you the wish come true.

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Get Complete Information About MobileGo Reddit

The way of the gaming industry is chosen by different types of individuals all over the world. Everyone has a different motive for such a task. Some are choosing its way for making money, and some are considering the way for getting entertainment. MobileGo is also providing related service. With it, the MobileGo topic on Reddit also gets discussed by numerous individuals.

It provides highly useful services by which the gamers can get entertained in a completely different way. For such a task, they are trying to make the games more interesting with the help of some specific tournaments. Mainly these tournaments are organized by different types of servers or game players.

Things to know about source

The use of MobileGo is providing lots of options to the gamers. All these options are becoming useful in several ways. The interested ones are able to participate in different types of tournaments of games. Mainly these tournaments are counted as the esports.

Within a short time, the esport industry is becoming so big and popular among gamers. All gamers are trying to participate in these tournaments and avail the maximum benefits. For participating in such a kind of tournaments, the players need to pay an amount of money first.

These charges are considered as the entrance charges. With it, the tournament is designed with the addition of a victory amount. The winning prize is so high as compared to the entrance fee. You should try to consider its way carefully and focus on different types of elements. Victory can help you in getting fame among that particular game fan club and get real money.

More about MobileGo

If we talk about the MobileGo and its services, then you can easily become a part of such a kind of tournaments. Generally, these ones are becoming useful in several ways. For participating in the tournaments, the players are required to visit the official sources first.

In case anyone wants to organize the tournament then he/she can consider the way of this particular platform. It can help them a lot by which they organize the tournaments effectively and contact with several game players.

While organizing the tournaments, they need to be focused on lots of things such as – prizes. If anyone wants to get maximum benefits, then he/she should try to compete in the tournament and win it definitely.

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How Porn Can Destroy Relationships?

No doubt, porn becomes an essential part of every life. It is all because of their sexual wants and desires that they want to fulfill with watching videos. Most of the time, it seems that people are used to considering porn and passing their free time in it. That sometimes makes then addict and may affect badly. You should always make concern about your behavior and avoid watching regularly. Porn videos should be in the manner of limited use and watch privately. If you are willing to watch latest and high-quality videos, then make sure that https://privates.tv/ will provide you effective stuff. You will enjoy watching videos and had a great time with it.

Most people get depressed with the porn addiction. However, it can lead to bad impact on relationship and can destroy the life. If you are also getting much concern with porn videos then you make sure that it will affect wrongly to your life and body sensation. It may occur due to addiction of sexual wants and regular sexual exercise. The mindset of people becomes wrong in the form of bad intention, attitude, and behavior among their family and office workers. That’s all our responsibility to remain aware of such risks and enjoy safe life. Now, we are going to tell you about the people behaviour and how it affects to their life.

How it affect?

Following are some points that will tell you the reasons that are responsible for getting relationship weaker.

  • Mistrust: Firstly, people are not conscious of their relationships. They only want to spend time in mobiles and watching videos. That is a sign of ineffective relation. If you don’t want such a critical situation, then you should spend some time together so that there will be no chance of mistrust. However, it is important to understand the feelings rather than avoiding and ignoring them. So you should take care of your habits and lessen the use of much porn videos.
  • Porn addiction: It may also be a reason that people are not attentive to their improper behavior towards their friends and colleagues. Becoming porn addictive might be responsible for spoiling the entire life and demolishing lifestyle. That’s why you should not be an addict to watch excessive porn so that you will never suffer from wrong intention and attitude.

So, you should consider all such information that is mentioned in the above article. It will make your relationship stronger and transform with your positive behavior towards everybody.

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What Are The Uses Of Vidalista 20 Medicine?

Vidalista is a suitable drug that can formulate the functioning of the penis with proper use.  It is simply defined that the ingredients that will affect on the penis muscles so that one can satisfy their sexual needs. The working of Vidalista is that it will increase the flow of blood to the penis and get easy relaxation. The release of toxins and chemicals is necessary because the penis can react and spread the infection on body sensation which unable a man to survive better.

Generally, the use of Vidalista 20 can be better, if you will follow the guidelines of doctors. You should check out the prescription which will be according to your health condition. With the help of medicine, it can treat pulmonary arterial hypertension that is a serious issue with penis disease. If you want to get some more information, then you may follow the article and get it on an effective solution. We have posted some information about the uses of Vidalista.

How to use?

If you are going to use Vidalista medicine, then you just make sure that it will be an ideal option for your serious problem. Similarly, there are some points that will tell you the effective use of Vidalista.

  • Treat erectile dysfunction: Vidalista is a commonly used drug that can help to treat erectile dysfunction that gives relaxation to muscles. However, you should always be aware of the dosage plan that could be recommended by specialist doctors. However, people are much conscious for their health, and that’s why they are much concern with Vidalista 20 medicine.
  • Regulate blood formulation: It can help to regulate the blood functioning that will be occurring due to ingredients level. The effective blood vessels that can reach to penis muscles will provide you easy and instant recovery from ED.
  • Effective flow of urine: Most of the time, it seems that people are suffering from high density pain at the time of flow of urine. It may show swelling and bleeding. That’s why Vidalista 20 mg is quite enough to treat weak and tired penis as well as it will offer you to perform sexual activities effectively.

So, all these above mentioned points could be able to tell you the proper usage of Vidalista 20 mg dosage. Hence, it will make you easy to enhance the functioning of the penis.

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How Porn Shows Impact On Children?

Porn plays an important role to provide the source of sexual attraction and a part of the entertainment. We can watch our favorite porn stars and enjoy with a variety of categories. Nowadays, it seems that children are much close to using the internet and watching porn videos. Is it safe for them? No doubt, it can improve their knowledge of biology subject and helps to learn many aspects of sexual intercourse.

Various are the websites like ymlp111.net from where you all can check the latest stuff and create the best experience with entertainment basis. The enjoyment is important but to make them in a regular habit is bad for you and society. Porn can easily be attached to today’s generation as it results in a change of attitude and aggressiveness in them. Be aware of such habits of your kids and get the use of mobiles in a limited way.

How it affects?

Below are some points that will show you some impact that effects on today’s generation and especially to kids with the habit of watching porn videos.

  • Mood and sudden change in behavior: No doubt, children are getting a strong relationship with the use of the internet. They are using their gadgets to watch porn videos and lightening up their mood. Due to their wrong behavior, it sometimes shows a negative impact on them and their health. Do not make such a habit in your life and avoid the wrong intention towards society.
  • Addictive to mobile phones: Having too much use of mobile phones may be responsible for attracting with porn videos and watching them on a regular basis. However, if you are the parents, then you should be conscious of your child lifestyle and how they are behaving towards you. That’s your duty to keep their habits in control and give them a safe life.
  • Improve knowledge: It is important to consider porn videos because it can improve your knowledge about sexual intercourse. Every individual should be known of sex so that it can help in your sex life. With the help of videos, it is easy to know the way and techniques to do an effective sex performance and satisfy your needs.

Undoubtedly, with the help of watching porn videos and other stuff, it may impact on children either in a negative or positive way. That’s all your responsibility to consider tour habits in a purposeful way rather than to misuse it.

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Buy Semenax, see, and feel the difference

Several factors contribute to development of a strong virile body. Those who exercise regularly and pump iron are noticeably more virile, have supple, lithe muscular bodies that spell “Sexy”. Women drool over them and make no bones about wanting to attract them. It is true that the genetic factor also plays an important role in the way a body is formed. A man who is capable of great sex has to learn how to continue his prowess with the passing years.

For those who find that their sexual desires begin to wax and wane once they cross the age of forty, realize that the HGH in their body has lessened. When there is need to increase the low sperm count and motility, buy Semenax on thesemenax.com for overall improvement in sexual behaviour patterns. Within a few days of using this supplement, one sees results.

One is able to get a harder erection, perform with prolonged stamina and produce more sperms in the semen that releases from his ejaculatory ducts. The erotic pleasure of releasing semen is sustained when the muscle contractions begin. The ecstatic exhilarating feeling during those few moments of contractions is what makes the whole act so fulfilling.

For those who wish to conceive, buy Semenax as the promoters of this product at Albion Medical claim that the quality of the semen is healthier and the quantity is more. This may prove beneficial as the sperm, which is protected by the semen, enters the female ovaries and begins to fertilize. Those who have less sperm count and need to increase their potency should buy Semenax and get positive results.

Semenax has important natural ingredients like Vitamin-E, Zinc Oxide, L-Lysine and L-Arginine. Most of these ingredients are not present in the body. Therefore, the introductions of these, together with other natural ingredients like Sarsaparilla, Pumpkin seed and Zinc Aspartate, amidst others, strengthen and tone the sexual glands, prevent pre-ejaculation and aid the sex hormones to function to their fullest. When you buy Semenax, be assured that there is a money back guarantee for those who are not satisfied with the product. This alone is a testimony to the fact that the suppliers are sure of the efficacy of their product. Reviews from users of the product have not reported any side effects. It is therefore safe to assume that Semenax can help make a difference in your life.

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Things No One Tells About Pornography And Related Facts

The way of porn is chosen by lots of youngsters. Mainly the youngsters start following such a way without focusing on any kind of element. They do not think that it leads to positive or negative results. Some individuals are facing issues when it comes to the quality of content. Accessing SMUTSTONE can help you in avoiding these issues easily. Now I’m going to mention some key facts that can help you in knowing some factors that no one explains you.

Memory loss

Another negative thing related to the porn that no one know is that porn is affecting the memory condition a lot. These things are leading to the issues related to the memory loss. Loss of memory is creating lots of negative factors in the life and stops you from achieving the objectives easily.

No age limitation

Sometimes the individuals are thinking about the age of pornstars. Mainly the viewers discussing on such a factor for getting that the videos those are available with small girls real or not. In reality, the minimum age for sex is different in all regions or countries.

For making such a kind of videos, the porn production companies are travelling from one place to another quickly.

Women also interested

When it comes to watch the porn, then the individuals are thinking that only males are considering its way. In reality, the desires of sex are equivalent on both sides (males and females). Similarly, the way of porn is also considered by the females.

According to the surveys, one of the three porn viewers is a female. It does not low stats. The porn sites are accessed by the females a lot. If we talk about the negative and positive impacts, then these are completely similar on both. For getting the quality content, you can access the official sources of SMUTSTONE.

Sex requirement

The individuals those are spending time regularly for watching the porn they may face some changes in the nature. Mainly these changes are affecting the mental condition a lot. People those are spending lots of time on these things or getting addicted they are always trying to get sex.

In other words, you can say that watching porn is becoming a reason for sexual desires. Sometimes, the individuals are considering the way of crime for fulfilling these desires. Many viewers or individuals do not get introduced to these facts.

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Daughter Turns Heads I Turn Into My Mother

Mom’s only talk about it when you make it safe to share: their sense of loss over their youth and beauty. I remember the first time I went out with my daughter and she garnered all the attention. It was a shift for me to realize the turnstile of life was pushing me away from all the things society values a woman for. It was not one of the most comfortable realizations. But it was truthful. In that truth I discovered something powerful. As I worried about “turning into my mother,” I knew I had to find out who I was! I wasn’t my mother, nor was I the young girl anymore. I was a mature woman who had spent the better part of her life pleasing other people. First, being (OK, well, trying to!) be a good daughter, then a dutiful wife and next a magnificent mother. But where was I in all of those roles?

When I metaphorically handed the baton of youth over to my daughter, I opened my hand and heart to the next baton in life: the authentic me!  But, I had to ask the hard question, “Who am I?”  Most woman who are in mid-life raising a teen daughter ask themselves the same question. It’s normal. It is a time of transition.

There are many paths you can take to discover your authentic self. Here’s one of my favorites.  Buy a spiral bound notebook. On the front cover, write, I AM.  Buy a red pen and a pencil. On the first page, use the PENCIL to write a fear or negative inner critic thought about yourself.  Example: I am unattractive now that I have wrinkles

Leave four lines below blank then write in PENCIL another worry, or negative thought about yourself.

Keep doing that until you can’t think of anything more to write.

The next day, take the RED PEN and under each worry, write a positive solution, or a positive inner thought. Do that for each entry you have written. Example: under the wrinkle entry would be “My wrinkles are a sign I have lived a full life.  I am attractive to people my age.”  Write something after each negative entry.

Go back and read everything you have written.

Pick up the notebook and read it once a day for a week then  ERASE all the pencil entries.

Now, pick up the notebook  read all the RED positive things you have written! Read them every day at least a week. Let all the positives sink in.  You are slowly starting to discover who you are under your fears and worries. The pencil entries are your fear, your pen entries are the real you. Our fears and worries aren’t who we are they are projections we create. Our real selves are in the deep corners, the hidden places in our hearts. Get to know those places to get to know your authentic self.

The worry that I was beginning to be “obsolete” and irrelevant as my daughter and her friends took over center stage in the world robbed me of being able to look deep within myself to know that I am strong, powerful and changing lives with my work.  I have a powerful purpose, and you do too!

For more information on how you can transition into mid-life and find your authentic self as your teen daughter blossoms, please write to me about hosting a Dr. Jenn’s Mom’s Survival Night. You and your friends can learn, grow and grasp the power that is in you right now, in this very moment. It’s wonderful to meet the one person who can change your life: YOU!

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Confidence Crisis in Moms

I listen to a lot of moms. They say they don’t feel confident as a mother anymore. It was easier to be a parent when their daughters were younger. Teenagers place an enormous new pressure on parenting skills. Most mothers don’t seem prepared for the new world their teen daughter lives in. And how could they? The world changed so fast in just the past few years! All of us are juggling the new “rules” of today’s world.

It worries me that moms feel so overwhelmed and under-skilled. That isn’t good for them or for their daughters. So I have put together SIX STEPS that help mothers reclaim their confidence, improve their parenting skills, and feel better about themselves as women in today’s world. I’ve put the six steps into an easy to follow S.E.C.R.E.T.  Simplify, Excitement, Credibility, Rituals, Emotions and Tell!  I’ll be giving moms a simple tool for each step every month. Moms don’t have to do all six steps to improve their life, even working on one will make a big difference.

If you are interested in learning more about the  ”S.E.C.R.E.T.” to reclaiming your power as a mother and feeling better about yourself, email me at [email protected]  I’ll send you a personal email about how you can get all the info you need to increase your confidence!

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Out of Control Daughter

Your daughter is out of control: frenetic, frenzied and furious. You are frustrated. What do you do?

Your ability to regulate your own brain while your daughter’s brain is locked in a “limbic frenzy,” is the key to parenting success. Your ability to lead and pace your daughter as she melts down, is vital for her to grow the right kinds of neural connections that equip her with more tools to avoid a limbic frenzy in the future.

The limbic system is the area of the brain responsible for the survival of the species. It constantly scans the environment looking for food, a genetically good mating partner, and danger. It is an area of the brain that reacts rather than “thinks clearly and logically.” Teens use this area of the brain as their main steering wheel for life as the area of their brain that makes logical, rational decisions is growing up. That growth will take your child well into their twenties.

As your teen reacts to life from their limbic system, it is vital that you remain steadfast in your perfrontal cortex. That is the area of ration, logical, life and love affirming of the brain. Granted, it isn’t always easy to remain cool and calm in the path of an overwhelmed, angry teen, but it is important to do so.

The more love and patience you can bestow upon your daughter, especially in the times when she seems to not be worthy of it, is the science behind good parenting skills.

When you reach out to your daughter withcalm, respect, logic and love, you help her regulate her frenzied brain. Your brain helps her brain calm down!

We tend to think of the brain as a singular unit. However, there is no “one” brain. There are only brains interacting with other brains, for better or for worse.

When you remain calm and loving in the face of your teen daughter’s furry, your brain reaches out and hugs her brain… more or less. Not only that, but your heart wraps its wings around her heart, and embraces her in a way she feels loved.

Out of control daughter? Be an in control, calm, LOVING mother.

Your daughter will one day thank you for it.

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Sex Talk Too Late

A study reveals parents wait too long to talk about sex. I agree. Our children are exposed to sex much younger these days, and they are engaging in various forms of sexual activity at younger ages. What can a parent do?  One study suggests parents knock off two years from when they think they should talk about sex.  That may be a good rule of thumb, but you may want to talk even sooner than that.

I suggest parents  use what is in the environment around them to talk about sex. One doesn’t have to look very far. An ad showing a sexy woman sitting next to a dog prompted one very young boy to ask his mother, “Will the lady sex the dog?” He understood sexy and sex went together, even if he was unclear on the whole concept.  That little boy’s question was a wonderful teaching moment.

Begin paying attention for those teachable moments!

Most of you reading this blog have teen daughters. I hope you have had the sex talk with them by now. If not, please start today!

Remember to use the COAL technique for listening: Curious, Openness, Acceptance and Love. You don’t want to shame your daughter in any way when you have a conversation about sex. Ask her opinions. Ask what she wants to know. Be as open and honest as you can. 

Knowledge is power. Teens are getting a lot of their knowledge from the Internet. (Google free porn and see for yourself…. go ahead.. I’ll wait) Kids who watch free porn, (and the percentage of teens who do are staggering) aren’t getting a great education about sex. They are only getting an education about porn!

Sex on TV usually shows the excitement, it rarely shows the buying of contraception, the doctor visits sex requires when one become sexually active, or the consequences of an unwanted pregnancy, or even the emotional aftermath of sex. Kids aren’t learning the full truth about sex from TV.  They need to learn it from you!

Many of you have asked me if you should supply your teen with condoms. Does it encourage sex?

I believe that contraception stops teens from getting pregnant. It doesn’t lead them to having sex. They are already biologically primed for the “urge to merge.” With teen pregnancies on the rise, available condoms and the knowledge of their proper use, are desperately needed.

Every family needs to decide  for themselves how they want to handle their teens budding sexuality. But putting your head in the sand and not talking openly and honestly about sex isn’t the way to go. You do your child a big disservice.

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Are You Raising a Criminal

The number of girls who commit violent acts is on the rise. Not a small increase, but a big one. It’s startling to see our tween and teen girls behaving badly.

Mother’s tell me they worry about their daughters being used and abused by boys, yet very few ever voice a concern that maybe they are raising a criminal. No mother wants to think their darling daughter would hurt anyone, yet the number of arrests for voilent crimes committed by teen girls is up.

Mother’s can help by UNDERSTANDING these things: Our culture is going through enormous changes. Technology is changing the way people share information and interact with each other. The media is also changing the way girls view themselves. Relationships are undergoing a huge change as well. It’s a difficult time to say the least. Mothers need to know that solutions to today’s problems aren’t going to go away with a quick fix. The FDA can’t approve any pill to pop for our world’s ailments. Solutions come with love, dedication, and patience.

Mother’s can help their daughter’s by DOING these things: 

1. Heal your own wounds. Mom’s always scratch their heads when I tell them this. Your own private wounds get in the way of seeing your daughter for who she is, being able to reach out to her and support her. If you don’t know what wounds you carry, buy a copy of Laid or Loved? and take the Growing Up Wounds Quiz on page 30.

2. Learn to listen. Most of us do a poor job of listening. We hear the words but we don’t understand what the speaker really wants us to understand. We interrupt, judge, give unasked for advice, and don’t hear the need being expressed. Most of our communication is the expression of a need. Learn to know what your daughter needs from you.

3. Set Limits. Don’t allow technology to take over your family. Make dinner time sacred. Put all the cell phones away, turn off the TV, and share your thoughts with each other. I know moms are stressed to get dinner on the table. Dinner can be a tuna fish sandwich for all I care. Just sit down with each other, and communicate.

4. Play!! Play is one of the ways in which our brains grow! Play has been taken out of our teens lives due to the changes in our schools and the fast track to growing up. But our teens still need to play. Find ways to bring fun and novelty back into your relationship with your teens. If you need help, email me. I’ve helped many families go from dull to delightful!

5. Stay up to date. Keep an ear to the ground as to what’s going on in teen-dom. Google, talk to friends, and talk to your daughter. Learn the new language. Know how virtual social networks affect your daugther. Understand the new media messages she’s being exposed to every day. I know it takes time and effort, but your daughter is worth it.

6. Take time out. Make sure you get the nourishment you need. Find ways to stay calm, grow spiritually, and love yourself. All are important. Of course make sure you eat your veggies, exercise, watch your alcohol intake and get a good nights sleep. Floss!

7. Be a role model. If you want your daughter to grow up into a wonderful woman, guess what? You have to be a wonderful woman. If you are single and men go through your house like you have a revolving door, what message do you give your daughter? If you are married and you fight constantly with your husband, or allow him to abuse you, what message do you send your daughter? There is no perfect parent, but we can all work on the message we pass on to our daughters.

Start with those seven things. I know it’s a lot. Start a journal. Write how you are doing with each of the seven items.  Keep track for a month. At the end of the month, ask your daughter how she feels about your relationship. See if things have improved. See if she feels better about herself because  you are more present. That can help keep her from becoming a statistic in the crime journals.

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Aging Gracefully

Are you settling into middle age as your daughter moves into her teen years? Some mothers have a difficult time watching the glow of their own “blossom” fade as their daughter blooms more every day. Although middle age (and beyond) hold its own magic, it can be hard to watch yourself age. It doesn’t help matters if your daughter is also at the age where she thinks you are suddenly the most annoying, unhip, uncool person on the planet.

I remember watching my daughter at her middle school graduation. She was full of hopes and dreams and looked more grown up than I had ever seen her before. It was the first time I acknowledged I was getting older, and she was turning into a young woman. I remember thinking, “I need to pass the baton to her.” By mentally letting go, and telling myself that she could run with the “baton,” allowed me to step more fully into my own place in the circle of life.

Watching your daughter get the attention you used to receive can be painful. The world is unkind at times to middle aged and older women. Some people say that men get sexier as they age, and women just look tired and worn out. What do you think? It’s important to understand how you feel about aging and how you deal with it effects your relationship with your teenage daughter.

Are you ready to mentally let go of the baton and hand it to your daughter? It’s her time now to step out of the shadows of being a little girl, and grow into the light of being a woman. You still have much to do to take care of her as she goes through the turbulent teen years. I hope you will also take good care of you, and march through middle age proudly.

I’ll be posting tips on aging gracefully and tips on how to deal with a topic many women are afraid to talk about, i.e. jealousy they feel about their daughters youth, beauty, body, boyfriends, etc. If you would like to join in the conversation, please Contact Me. I’ll post some of your thoughts, with your permission of course.
Check back soon.

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ATT Smart Limits

Every day a parent asks me what to do about their teen’s texting. A lot of parents feel their teens are too tethered to technology. I agree with them, to a point. Teens need interaction with each other. It’s how they learn. So having friends on Virtual Social Networks (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter etc.) is now a normal part of life. (Make sure your child is old enough to handle online experiences before you let them sign up) Texting is here to stay and is fast replacing emails and phone calls. It’s simply too simple to use. We humans are lazy creatures. Teens are going to use technology and use it a lot .What’s too much?

When technology keeps your teen from having time to spend with real friends and real life or interact with the family, it’s time to set limits It’s also a good idea to curtail technology use if your teen is being harassed online. All technology should have time limits that allow a teen to get a good night’s rest. And of course, there are some places where technology just doesn’t belong, such as the dinner table, or certain social functions. Nothing is more embarrassing or rude than your child’s cell phone ringing as they are lowering Uncle Jack into this final resting place. There is a time and a place for everything.

Parents ask me how they can set limits. First, you have to talk and listen to you teen about their technology use. Decide together on some boundaries and stick to them. Parents can always make use of a little known application ATT has. If your teen is an IPhone user, ATT offers a service called Smart Limits. You can control when your child sends or receives texts, and even block numbers they can dial or receive. It’s a good idea to let your teen know  if you are going to use Smart Limits, as no one likes to be dictated as to how they interface with their technology. However, Smart Limits is a smart idea.  ( I haven’t researched other providers so I don’t know what they have available for limit setting.  But you can ask what’s available.)

As a parent, remember that you still have the ability to ask (nicely) for your teen to TIO ~ Turn It Off! Technology use is like the use of anything else. It’s a privilege not a right. Make sure your teen is using it respectfully and carefully.

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