Everyone has their own opinion when they hear of a school going on a tour overseas. Some people say that it is a waste of time and money. People believe that the time would be better spent in school, learning something from the book. Others say that by going overseas, the school is contributing to global warming. There are many reasons why people complain about school tours. However, there are also people out there who firmly hold that school tours abroad are great for young adults. They think that it instills in the student a sense of self and a higher level of understanding of how the world works. I think that we can all agree that there are just some things that a book cannot teach us. There are some things that we simply need to experience for ourselves. Therefore, this article is here to discuss some common myths surrounding international school tours. I will also try to debunk these myths.

The Student Misses out on Learning Time

Many people oppose school tours as they believe that the time would be better off spent in class. While there is some truth in this argument, it can be easily overturned. Many schools undergo trips that will teach students about the core syllabus of the school year. Think about it, a biology class going on a school tour to the rainforest to learn about the different flora and fauna in different climates. These curriculum tours are designed specifically to teach students a particular piece of information.

Learning Through Sports

Sports tours are extremely popular in a large number of schools. Not only do schools go abroad to play against other schools but they also integrate into the local community of that school. This teaches the students about culture and other ways of living. To add to this, sports tours need not only be for competitive purposes. Schools have been known to go to orphanages to volunteer. At these orphanages, the students will engage in sports with the children there. Sports are a great way to communicate without language.

Do School Tours Contribute to Global Warming?

The answer to this, for the most part, is yes. Most schools contribute to global warming by going on school tours. However, if you organize the trip with a sound provider who has sustainable travel as a priority, then you will not contribute. Sustainable travel involves zero plastic, each student planting several trees, and flying on low-carbon planes.