School is the place where your child will set the foundation for the rest of their life, so the right one is essential for a successful future. Here’s how to pick the right school for your child so that they can be happy and reach their full potential.

Find out more about schools online

Step one should be to look around and see what kinds of schools are available. You can then read reviews, testimonies and peoples’ experiences of the school. If you’re looking for a South Bangkok international secondary school, then there’s plenty of information online to help you narrow down your search and ensure that you make a relevant shortlist of places.

Book some tours

There’s only so much you can find out online, so it’s worth taking a tour. This has a number of advantages:

  • You can get the general vibe and atmosphere of the school
  • You can see the facilities in person
  • There’s usually a chance to talk to teachers and discuss your child’s needs
  • You can ask lots of questions about the school

Some places do a tour for children too, and this can help if your child is worried about a new school, as it can put their mind at rest.

Draw up some pros and cons lists

Every school will have pros and cons, and it’s often the little things that’ll put certain schools over the top. From a convenient location to certain features that your child loves, it’s worth listing the things you love about each school, and then any drawbacks, and seeing where you are with the decision. You may be surprised which choice hits the top.

Look at the results

While there’s more to an education than exam results, it’s worth seeing the kind of results the school gets overall and what accomplishments they can claim. Also, if they’re in a country that has inspections, then read the inspection results in detail, as this will tell you a lot about the school and how it operates.

Finding the right school for your child isn’t always easy. There are usually a lot of different options for schools, and it can be tough to narrow them down when they all look good on paper. It’s worth doing some extra research so you can be sure you find a place that’s a good fit and where your child will be happy for years.