Some might think that international school education is pretty much the same as any other school, which is most definitely not the case, as international schools follow a different curriculum, which is always delivered by professional teachers from the US or the UK. If you are looking at an early learning program for your son or daughter, here are a few of the benefits they would gain from attending an international school.

  • English Language Acquisition – Like it or not, English is the international language for doing business and enrolling your child in a new international school in Bangkok would ensure they develop a high level of fluency in English. Once a non-native English-speaking child reaches their teenage years, they should have a good command of English, otherwise, it is an uphill battle.
  • Developing Essential Life Skills – An international curriculum is designed to develop the learner in many ways, not just academically; your child will learn how to be a good team player, while also developing initiative and critical thinking skills, which are essential in today’s world. Active learning strategies are globally recognised as being the best in terms of learning outcomes and international schools all use project-based learning.
  • Leadership Skills – If your child has leadership potential, an international school education will reveal it at a very early age and help the student to develop into a leader. When students work in groups, they learn how to delegate and work together as a team; something they will have to do in the adult world and the sooner they learn how to work with others effectively, the better.
  • Emotional Development – Just as important as an academic education, a child needs positive emotional development if they are to become a well-balanced member of society. Ethics and morals are an integral part of international education, which helps the students understand what is right and what is wrong, while also promoting fair play.
  • Cultural Diversity – When your child studies at an international school, they will have friends from all parts of the world and will therefore develop a cosmopolitan approach to other cultures.

If you want to give your child the very best start in life, choosing an international school is a great first move that will ensure they develop in every aspect. The best education is readily available in most countries, where you will find schools with the US or UK curriculum, delivered by professional teachers from the homeland.